Give the gift of hope to a local child in crisis

Thousands of children across the country are in need right now.

Send emergency bundles, self-care kits or educational supplies to one of these young people today - so they can feel hope this festive season, and start the new year feeling stronger.

Donate your vital gift now - from yourself or on behalf of a loved one - to a child in your area who needs it most and make their Christmas.

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About The Children's Society...

We are a national charity working to transform the hopes and happiness of young people facing abuse, neglect and exploitation.

We support them through their most serious life challenges, and campaign tirelessly for the big social changes that will improve the lives of those who need hope.

We've been doing this for 140 years and we won't stop until together, step-by-step, we've built a society where hope is alive in every single child.

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Give emergency supplies to a child in need, or choose a gift that brings joy to their everyday

With his tailored arts and crafts kit, David was able to find a creative outlet for his emotions during lockdown - so he never lost hope

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