David's Story

Before the pandemic hit, David loved spending time with his project worker Karen. David lived in a care home in the middle of nowhere, so his meetings with Karen and the arts and craft activities they did together really helped combat his feelings of isolation.

When Covid 19 struck and lockdowns began, this vital interaction for David was cut off. Fortunately, thanks to Give Hope, Karen was able to supply David with brushes, paints and art books so they could continue their sessions together online.

This essential regular interaction kept David’s hope alive during lockdown, and Karen says it’s really helped strengthen their bond.

About The Children's Society

Right now in Britain there are children and young people who are experiencing neglect, abuse, bullying, homelessness, or challenges with their mental health.

Thanks to supporters like you, The Children's Society can be there for them. Last year we helped more than 11,500 children and young people through our direct support work. But during the Covid-19 crisis, the demand for our services has been greater than ever.

We have to reach every child that needs us. Because it's not enough that children survive - we want them to thrive. We give young people additional support: from practical necessities to the little extras that make life less daunting.

When young people have hope in their lives, they feel happier, better prepared and more able to make choices about their future to fulfil their potential. That's why we're asking you to Give Hope, and share a gift with young people. Every Give Hope gift you buy will fund a similar gift for a child in need. You can choose whether to give to a child in Birmingham, Essex, Newcastle, Nottingham, Yorkshire or where the need is greatest.

Our front-line workers have selected each present for its ability to make a vital difference to a vulnerable child - particularly in these challenging times.

“‘I think art’s important, because it gets all your stress and emotions out on the art canvas or paper or whatever you’re using. Because it gets it out of your head and onto the page. So, it’s like a stress ball. That’s why I feel like it’s important.”

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Hello from our Projects...

Pause, provided through Forward Thinking Birmingham, is our centre in Digbeth. It's a lifeline to children, young people and young adults in Birmingham, and we often help whole families.

Our Soothe Boxes are an amazing antidote in these uncertain times. These shoe boxes full of self-care essentials, hygiene products and handwritten messages of hope and resilience help vulnerable young people find a moment of calm and positivity.

Thank you for Giving Hope, and helping us reach even more children.


Service Manager


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