About The Children's Society

Right now, there are thousands of children facing neglect, abuse, exploitation and struggles with their mental health. As a national charity, we are working to transform the hopes and happiness of these young people.

We support them through their most serious life challenges and we campaign tirelessly for the big social changes that will improve the lives of those who need hope. We've been doing this for 140 years and we won't stop until we've built a society where hope is alive in every child.

Last year, we directly supported over 11,500 children. But the pandemic has meant the demand for our services has become greater than ever. Our goal is to make sure we reach every child who needs us. Because it's not enough that children survive - we want them to thrive.

When young people have hope in their lives, they feel happier, safer and more able to take action and make choices so they can fulfil their potential. That's why we're asking you to Give Hope, and donate a gift to a young person today. Every gift you buy will fund a similar gift for a child in need, and you can even choose where you'd like your gift to be delivered.

David's Story

Before the pandemic hit, David loved spending time with his project worker Karen. He lived in a care home in a rural area, so his meetings with Karen and the arts and crafts activities they did together helped him to feel less alone.

When the country was forced into lockdown, David was cut off from this vital interaction. Fortunately, thanks to Give Hope, Karen was able to supply David with brushes, paints and art books so they could continue their sessions together online.

This regular contact helped to strengthen their bond, lessened David's feelings of isolation and kept his hope alive throughout lockdown and beyond.

“‘I think art’s important, because it gets all your stress and emotions out.”

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Our well-being centre brings hope to children

Pause is one of our mental health services where we gift the thoughtful presents that you donate. An essential well-being centre in the middle of Birmingham, children can drop in whenever they need to get support and 1-to-1 help from our qualified project workers. So they have the tools to heal and move forward with their lives.

When children receive one of your gifts - festive bundles full of essentials, self-care products and handwritten messages of support - they know someone is out there thinking of them. This gives them hope for a brighter future. Will you give a special gift to a child in need this Christmas?

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