Where will my money go? 

If you buy a Give Hope gift, such as 'time out’, where possible, this will buy a similar present for a child or young person, delivered by The Children’s Society’s services in Birmingham, Essex, Newcastle, Nottingham, Yorkshire or anywhere in the UK if you’ve chosen to ‘give where it’s most needed’. In this example, your gift could buy a cinema or event ticket, meal out, bowling trip or any other gift that gives a young person a break from their challenging day-to-day. 

How will this work? 

Money from Give Hope gifts will go into a separate pot, set aside for our services. These services understand the needs of children locally and will purchase gifts and types of support that meet those needs. This means it won't always be possible to purchase the gift you've bought, and that we may use your gift as ‘general funds.’ Rest assured that the Give Hope gift range is designed by our project workers, so every gift on our website reflects the needs of the young people we help.  

If you have chosen to give a gift to a specific location then it will be added to the local pot. If you have chosen to give where the need is greatest, your gift could go to any location in the UK.   

Will my money always buy the gift I choose? 

Our services need the flexibility to respond to local needs as they arise. This means that services may need to purchase items or types of support that are different from your chosen gift. In these cases, the services will redistribute funding to what’s most vital, including the allocation of your gift to our ‘general funds,’ so that it can help children and young people where it’s most needed.  Your purchase will always be used in the location you’ve chosen or anywhere in the UK if you’ve chosen to ‘give where it’s most needed’.   

Will my gift be given to a child immediately? 

Not necessarily. We help children and young people all year round. Rest assured that whenever your gift is given, you are making a vital difference to the life of a child who is struggling.  

What if I gave a donation to the service rather than a gift? 

If you gave a donation of money, rather than choosing a specific gift, then that money will go to the location you chose. The services will use this money as they see fit – from providing counselling sessions, to paying the bills that keep them up and running. Donations are vital to ensure that we can keep helping the UK’s most vulnerable children, so we are very grateful.  

What if I added a top-up donation? 

We’re really grateful for your extra support. This donation will enable the charity to cover any cost it incurs in the running of our life-changing services, to change laws through our campaigning for children and to fundraise so we can continue our essential work. It will go wherever is most impactful, irrespective of where you chose for your product purchase to go. So, if you chose to buy 'time out’ for a child in Newcastle, for example, your top-up could go anywhere.   

How are Give Hope and The Children’s Society the same, and different? 

Give Hope is a sub-brand of The Children’s Society, that has a separate website. Once you have selected your items and go to pay, you will be taken to The Children’s Society’s secure payment form. This uses the same system as all online donations to The Children’s Society. It follows all the same rules and Terms and Conditions, and your information will be managed in the same way. You can read more in our privacy policy

Why does my bank statement say: “Church of England Children Society”? 

Don’t worry – that is simply the registered name of The Children’s Society and our bank account reflects that! 

Who can I contact if I have further questions or feedback? 

Please get in touch with our friendly Supporter Care team via email supportercare@childrenssociety.org.uk or phone 0300 303 7000. 

We will be happy to answer any additional questions and would love to hear your feedback!