School uniform


School uniform costs are still through the roof. Our research shows the average parent is spending £442 a year on uniforms (for their secondary school child). Your support will remove this financial burden.


Your gift will cover a child’s classroom uniform cost, and could include items such as: 

- School Shoes 

- Socks 

- Trousers 

- Shorts 

- Polo tops

- Branded Jumpers 


Your gift will not include other necessary clothes like a sports kit, football boots or other equipment. You can find these gifts elsewhere on our site.

The uniform in the images shown is an example. We are unable to showcase the brands of real primary & secondary schools.

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“I Got a Detention for Wearing a Jumper Under My Blazer. It Was the Right Colour, but It Didn’t Have the Badge. I Was Wearing the Jumper Because I Was Cold. ”

- Leah, 12

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